How Bench Strength Impacts the Operational Health of Your Firm


With the changing demands put on law firms by both individual and corporate clients, as well as industry pressure to become leaner and more efficient, law firms require a new kind of support, a support that is more nimble and encompassing than ever before.

In this context, bench strength refers to the quantity and quality of the back office support a firm receives, whether it’s comprised of in-house employees or an outsourced team. The caliber of back office support directly impacts the productivity and health of the firm.

There are a few requirements for exceptional bench strength. They include:

  • Strategies, recruitment and training that allow for turn-over without sacrificing a team’s culture, knowledge base, or work ethic.
  • Maintaining and enhancing stable processes for a smooth workflow, regardless of the pressures of deadlines or other environmental stressors.
  • Prioritizing the happiness, motivation, engagement, and expertise (or expertise-in-the-making) of employees.
  • Balancing opportunities for employee advancement with organizational stability, vision, and growth.

These key elements of bench strength allow back office teams to provide holistic support for firms as they evolve. What happens for the attorneys and paralegals in firms when their support staff has bench strength? They naturally increase their expert knowledge, productivity, and billable hours because they are no longer burdened with tasks outside their primary work. It allows for more focus, creativity, problem-solving, and revenue generating activities.

How has back office support with (or without) bench strength impacted your work and the productivity of your firm?

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