What it Means to be a Thought Leader for Customer Service


Thought Leadership is often described as an individual or firm recognized as an authority in a specialized field whose expertise is sought after. Thought Leadership can be used as a means of increasing or creating demand for a product or service. In order to be recognized as a thought leader in a customer service oriented field, companies and firms must increase their utilization of information sharing, embarking on a path of differentiation leading to being sought after as the thought leader. A heavy sales push provides little competition or effect when it comes to establishing expertise in a certain field.

By definition, thought leaders are created. Modern business, especially among larger firms, lacks organizations recognized as a ‘Customer Service’ thought leaders. While there are many companies that use technology, products, specific services, or price as their differentiator, few have differentiated on customer service and established themselves as customer service experts. To establish an organization’s as truly having a commitment to the customer is something everyone talks about but rarely act upon. It’s difficult to find organizations that truly believe the customer is number one. Lots of organizations say it but they fall short of demonstrating it in action. We’ve all had many bad customer service experiences but few good ones. Creating an environment where every customer has a positive experience is a differentiation that sticks with customers. They remember it and return time after time.

People will always be at the core of creating a positive customer service experience. People want personal interaction and when they get it they’ll be all the more sensitive to it. The organization that empowers their employees to provide the best customer service possible has the foundation for becoming thought leaders in their respective fields. The quality of customer service combined with sharing information about what great customer service looks like and how to sustain it, will allow companies to leverage the power of their customer service and establish themselves as thought leaders.


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